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You want to lose weight and are trying very hard to do what you have to do religiously. You watch what you eat. You count the calories. You go through an exercise regimen. You do everything to keep off the weight. There are, however, challenges that test you and your desire to keep good on the promise of losing the weight. These challenges are called weight loss sabotage.

Here are some examples of weight loss sabotage:

* Someone brings you a pot of home cooked food, which is intricately prepared.
* You are invited to a party where fried and fatty foods are served.
* People either laugh or frown at the idea of you trying to lose weight.
* An eye-roll as a reaction to you engaging in a weight loss program.
* You go to an all-you-can-eat buffet where all the food is tempting and scrumptious.
* Some people tell you negative things like the possibility of maintaining the desired weight after you shed some off.
* Some people will make fun of you by tempting to offer you sweets, chips and other food that you have been successful in not eating.

This so-called weight loss sabotage really dampens the spirits. You know that these run counter to what you hope to achieve. You may either feel encouraged enough to take the challenges or give up.

Should you decide to take the challenges and deal with weight loss sabotage, you have to have a fool-proof plan to face these challenges.

1. Be able to communicate what you feel with others. Talk to the people who do things that seem to belittle your effort to live a healthier lifestyle. The people may be your spouse, or a partner, or even close family member like parents and siblings. Let them know why you want to loss weight and how they can help you achieve positive results.
2. Ask people for support. Asking for support would probably stop the loss weight sabotage. You do not have to convince them why you need to loss weight; just let them know that you need their support.
3. Ask these people to join you in your journey to live a healthier life. You may even be able to encourage these people to join you in your journey of having a healthier lifestyle. Not only would the benefits be for you, but for them as well. In doing so, they understand you better. It is more fun too when you and your love ones do this together rather than facing the challenges alone.
4. Be strong enough to overcome the challenges to your goals. If, however, these people do not support you nor join your cause in losing weight, you have to be strong enough to stand up to the challenges and prove that you do have what it takes to lose the weight.

In dealing with weight loss sabotage, keeping sight of your goals and not giving up when there are challenges should always be your priority. You may feel that weight loss sabotage hinders you in reaching your ideal weight, but if you do not give these time to prosper, you will be successful in the end, despite the reactions of people around you.


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