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Yoga is a tried and true, centuries old practice that has been demonstrated to improve the body's flexibility, balance and stamina. In addition to the physical benefits, practitioners of yoga also are rewarded with lower blood pressure and a reduction in stress.

There is a wide array of positions - several of the most popular yoga positions are listed below. When starting to practice these poses it is suggested that they be held for 30 seconds, increasing the hold time with practice. Be aware of breath; experience the inhale and the exhale when performing these moves.

The Tree Style. This balance pose appears simple but does take a bit of practice. Stand on the right foot; bend the left leg, placing the left foot just above the inside of the right knee. While maintaining this balanced position, extend arms directly overhead with palms facing. Feel the stretch to the spine. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Return to a standing position and repeat, standing on the left foot.

The Triangular Style. Standing, spread legs as far apart as is comfortable, making sure to maintain balance, and bend the right arm in an arc over the head. Reach the left arm down to touch the right foot. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Straighten to a standing position and repeat with the left arm overhead and the right arm touching the left foot.

The Cobra Style. This yoga pose stretches the spine and helps to strengthen the abdomen. Lie flat, face down, with arms to the sides of the body and feet together. Take several deep breaths, slide the arms upward so that hands are flat, palm down at about waist-level. Raise head and chest, extending arms, lifting up to navel level. Hold for 30 seconds, and slowly lower to return to a flat position. Repeat.

The Sun Salutation. This popular yoga pose begins in a standing position, with feet touching. Hands are brought to the chest, palms together. Inhale and raise arms upward, slowly bend backwards allowing arms to extend back. Exhale; bring arms overhead, and bend down with the goal of touching hands to the feet.

The Corpse Style. This yoga pose is performed at the end of a session to relax the body. Lie flat, face up, with arms spread out in line with the shoulders. Close hands into fists, with thumbs inside. Bend legs at the knees, placing feet slightly apart flat on the floor. Turn both knees to the right, while turning head to the left and hold. Return knees to starting position and turn both knees to the left and the head to the right.



Thanks, I love Yoga, it good for health.

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