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For a woman who has tried all other methods to conceive and they have failed, artificial insemination may be the answer. In artificial insemination, healthy sperm cells are taken from a donor who can be the woman's husband, a member of the family, a friend or even from an anonymous donor. The process involves the injection of live and healthy sperm cells directly into the woman's cervix. It may take one procedure or several before a woman can conceive. Here are some tips on how to choose a donor for artificial insemination.

  • Decide that this is what you really want. If your husband's sperm cells are weak and the doctor has told you that it will be impossible for you to conceive through traditional means and/or using yourhusband's sperm cells, you have the option to choose an anonymous donor.
  • Decide how the donor will play a role in your child's life. Will you want your child to know who the real father was or would you rather that he remains anonymous? There are some sperm banks that will allow a child that has been borne through artificial insemination to meet the donor when the child turns eighteen.
  • Consult your husband on the characteristics that he wants the donor to have. Some couples choose donors who closely resemble their own characteristics. Yourhusband's choices should be combined with yours and then do a process of elimination.
  • Consider the educational background, interests and hobbies of the donor. You should also check his overall look and appearance as well as his strengths and weaknesses as these traits can be passed on to the child. Look for someone with the same interests as you and yourhusband. If you and your husband are academics you would want your child to perform well in school, too.
  • Although you will not know what genes can be passed by the donor to your child consider how he looks when you are narrowing your choices. Look at your family members and see what general characteristics are common such as the color of their eyes, the color of their hair and the texture of their hair - straight, curly or wavy. If you have decided that the donor should remain anonymous then you should choose a donor whose outward appearance closely matches your and your immediate family. Reputable sperm banks also include baby and adult photos of sperm donors and you have the option to look at them.
  • Look at the medical history of the donor as well as his family. You need a healthy donor and someone who will not pass on diseases and other health problems that can affect your child later.

We usually experience sore muscles after a strenuous work-out or walking most of the day or even sitting in front of a computer for further than eight a long time a day. During activities, your muscles are subjected to a level of stress depending on how copious an action is. When the accent is employed, your muscles then need to increase their strength in order to comply with your body’s demand. If you experience discomfort in your muscles, it means that its threshold level was compromised and this would be the time to care for them. There are some ways you can nurse this soreness so read on and get rid of the pain:

  • Sit down and elevate. If the soreness is at the lower part of your body particularly your legs and feet, sit down on a firm surface preferably a good ergonometric chair with a backrest. Elevate your leg up slightly to take the pressure off your feet and legs. This will let your blood flow through evenly as well.
  • Get a massage. Even though a massage is good to relieve sore muscles, you should not overdo it. Before massaging your muscles, take a heating pad and apply it to the sore muscles. Heat loosens up some muscle spasms which add up to its soreness.
  • Gently squeeze your shoulders to release some tension on your shoulder muscles but don’t squeeze too hard. Squeezing too hard would not help take the tension out of your muscles. It would lead to muscle inflammation and that means more pain!
  • Ask a friend to add a little pressure on your back. Back muscles usually hurt when you have been sitting on your work desk in the wrong position. The correct sitting position should be your lower back resting on the back rest of your chair and your shoulders relaxed. Your computer screen should be at eye-level to prevent neck strain.
  • Take an ice bath. Fill your tub with water and ice. Soak in it for not more than 15 minutes and not staying soaked for more than that is important! The cold temperature compresses the inflammation of your muscles and after applying it you should immediately follow it up with a heating pad. The heat would then stimulate your blood flow. If you don’t have a tub, you can use a cold pad or wrap some ice cubes in a towel and hold it onto your sore muscles.
  • Take some rest. One of the simplest solutions to care for your sore muscles would be to get some rest. Try to avoid strenuous exercises or lifting heavy objects for as long as two to three days. This would give your muscles the time to heal.
  • Take a pain reliever. Taking a pill should be your last resort. Taking drugs is sometimes very addictive because this instills some idea in your mind that it’s a quick fix. Be aware that you should do the other methods of caring for your soreness before popping in that aspirin.

Remember that during your healing process, you should take plenty of fluids as well to rehydrate. Eat more protein and calcium enriched foods to build up your necessary protein and bone strength. You should help your body adapt and prevent future soreness by exercising regularly.