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Free Ebook: The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution
Publisher: Wiley (November 14, 2003)
ISBN-10: 047145415X
ISBN-13: 978-0471454151

Low-carb 101– all it takes is 30 days!From the authors of the phenomenal bestseller Protein Power comes a quick, easy-to-follow low-carb diet plan designed to get you on the fastest possible track to losing weight, feeling fantastic, and improving your health. If you’ve heard about all the research that shows how low-carb eating can turn your health around by keeping your insulin levels down and getting your excess weight off–but don’t want to wade through hundreds of pages of explanation or complicated formulas before you get started–The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution is for you.The Eades are two of the most trusted names in low-carb dieting. They have helped millions of readers lose weight. In this book, they provide the simplest possible diet designed for the best possible results. Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades guide you through all the basics step by step, explaining how to:
Identify the foods you should eat–and avoid the ones you shouldn’t
Create a customized plan based on your current weight, health status, and goals
Determine how much protein to eat for optimal health
Measure the exact portions of carbohydrate-rich foods you can enjoy now to reach your goalsFeaturing 30 days of low-carb meal plans, almost 100 delicious, easy recipes, self-assessment quizzes, and fill-in worksheets for tracking your progress, this guide will have you on your way to a thinner and healthier you in just a month! Isn’t it time for you to findThe

30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution?



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