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Obesity is a major problem in society today. It has already been identified as a major contributor of major ailments and conditions like diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis. Obesity can be attributed to living a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and hormones. Doctors would normally suggest diet and exercise but most overweight people find these hard to do. Going to the gym should be squeezed into their schedule and dieting means eating bland food. The next best thing, or most convenient to some, is taking diet pills.

The number of people seeking weight loss benefits from diet pills is so great that there are countless of weight loss products in the market today. Are they safe to use? Of course, the manufacturers will not tell you that they are not. Remember that these are medications and they have chemicals that may or may not harm your body. The side effects may even be a greater problem for you.

Are you taking diet pills to lose weight? Here are some things you should know to identify the side effects of your diet pills:

1. Take note of changes in the way your digestive system is working. Since the pill goes straight to your tummy, your digestive system will be the first to be affected. Expect nausea and vomiting. Some diet pills may cause you to pass gas more often or for you to have loose bowel movements. Most dieters may disregard these as minor side effects but be cautious about the possibility of dehydration because of vomiting and loose bowel movement.
2. Check your heart rate or pulse rate. Phentermine, a common diet pill, can cause palpitations. Even just a simple walk in the park or being surprised may trigger palpitation. Most often than not, diet pills have an effect on the blood pressure. Stop taking these pills should you feel your heart race often.
3. Observe the way you perform your daily tasks. Diet pills may let you experience vision problems as a complication of rising blood pressure. Diet pills may also affect your balance. You may suddenly feel dizzy after standing up from a sitting position. It may slow down the way you process thoughts in your brain and affect your reflects. Make sure that your diet pill do not give you these effects especially if you drive yourself to work.
4. Assess your moods. Do you experience mood swings? It is definitely a side effect of the diet pills you are taking. Appetite suppressants will give you trouble getting enough sleep. Thus, during the day, you will naturally feel irritable and less patient. Other diet pills can make a person very nervous and anxious even on simple things.

Taking diet pills is generally a personal decision of the person who is desperate to lose weight. However, it is very important to consider their side effects because these greatly affect the physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being of the person.


Proper diet and right exercise are still the best to fight obesity. Diet pills have these side effects that may harm you, so I advice that you start exercising, prepare your diet or even go to the gym once in a while. Good luck everyone and stay healthy!

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