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Building strong biceps is an essential part of any good upper body workout routine. Some people may tend to ignore the bicep. During an upper body workout, we have to know when we feel comfortable working out the biceps, and what mode of strengthening them is most enjoyable at any given time.

The most common form of bicep workout is through curls. There are several ways to do curls:

* Sit at a curling bench with a number of different holds on a bar.
* Sit at a curling bench with dumbbells.
* You can sit on the edge of a bench with a dumbbell and curl with an elbow on one knee.
* Stand with a straight bar and use your torso to elevate your weight.
* Stand with a dumbbell in each hand and do curls with both hands.
* Do pull ups with one or both arms, or pull yourself into a beam while leaning and using your body weight.

A combination of some of these modes of exercise may be the most effective solution to that day's workout. If you have a training log, write down what works best each day and your mood. You can tailor the building of strong biceps to your mood each time you work out. You can really figure out your own workout style this way.

Perhaps one day you will find that you are not in the mood to actually go out to a gym, but you still desire a good upper body workout which strengthens your biceps. Find a column and pull yourself into that. This is fun, easy, and it works well. Maybe you have just had a cardiovascular workout and are too tired to stand and do curls. Sit and do curls to continue your workout with an upper-body cool down workout.

Building strong biceps means regularly working out your biceps. To properly work them your biceps, you need variety. A variety of bicep strengthening exercises keeps the trainee interested in the goal, which is to strengthen the biceps. Perhaps you may discover a unique way to strengthen your arms that feels comfortable to you or that you find engaging. Experiment, figure out which techniques work best for you on certain days, and you will be able to keep yourself motivated to accomplish your workout goals.


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