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An elliptical machine is also known as an elliptical trainer, which is best for cardiovascular exercises but not too harsh to those people who are very sensitive to joint pains. The reason for the latter is because there is less pounding involved in the joints when one is exercising using the elliptical trainer. In order to meet the multiple fitness needs of people, elliptical trainers now come in various kinds:

1. Ironman Elliptical Trainer - This kind of elliptical trainer is purposely devised for those people who are serious in their fitness regimen and like doing workouts. According to several exercise machine reviews, this elliptical trainer is a winner when we take into consideration its durability because it is made from steel and mind you, it is not just any ordinary steel, but heavy gauge steel. It is therefore expected that Ironman Elliptical Trainers will last a long time to the point of being passed on as a family heirloom. Another outstanding feature is its very large LCD display, which shows the amount of calories you have burned among other things.
2. Elliptical Horizon - This is another kind of elliptical trainer available in leading department stores like Walmart, which is as good as the previous one when it comes to weight loss and as a fitness regimen. However, the downside for this particular equipment is that the brakes need to be checked often since they are not very durable. The use of this machine is also difficult for those people who are not gifted in height. Despite all these, the ratings of some consumers reflect that this is still worth its price provided the warranty period is extended or when it is put on sale.
3. NordicTrack Elliptical Trainers - Its good brand name is one of the reasons why this particular elliptical trainer is a big hit since it is under the subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness. They have a complete line of equipment that are further subdivided into a series like the commercial series for gym use, the ramp series, the spacesaver series and a lot more.
4. Orbitrek Elliptical Glider - This kind of trainer is not suited for gym use because of its elliptical spectrum which is not really all that good. However, this can still be used in homes. The unusual noise and movements are just some of the problems posed by former users. But still, this trainer, as home equipment, is still trying its best to deliver maximum benefit.
5. Proform Elliptical Trainer - Just like the NordicTrack Elliptical Trainers, this is under the subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness. This is not ideal for hardcore health buffs because this kind of machine is merely light duty. Nevertheless, the aesthetics of Proform trainers is the main reason why this brand is still sellable.

These days, advertisers are riding on the bandwagon for health conscious people because it has a very good market. There are so many health teas, vitamin waters and weight-loss tablets available for sale. Although some are backed up by scientific evidence, there is still no hardcore proof that these products are indeed effective. Hence, why not start a fitness routine and try using the elliptical machine.


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