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The benefits of yoga are plentiful. Yoga is known for increasing strength and flexibility while helping to decrease stress and athletic injuries. If there is someone on your list who is interested in getting started practicing yoga, there are some great gifts you can purchase that will help them get going. See the guide below for how to purchase gifts for the beginning yoga.

Step 1:
Get the gear. The good news is, yoga doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A beginning yogi needs a mat and some mat cleaner. Go to and find several choices of mats for $49.00. A few options include the Flower Power mat and the Peace Prayer mat, but if those don’t suit your yogi’s personality, there are other choices. The Wicked Witch Hazel Cleaner for $16.00 will help your recipient keep their mat clean and sanitized.

Step 2:

It’s in the bag. You’ll need to get the yoga learner on your list a bag to keep their mat in. sells a simple embroidered yoga mat bag for $20.99. The bag is small, portable, well made and comes in various colors such as coffee brown, wine, and pink. The embroidery options include the words Peace, Harmony, or I love yoga, among other options.

Step 3:
Clothes to fit the part. If you’re feeling generous (and you know your gift recipient’s size) you can try to purchase some yoga clothes, but be warned, they can be pricey. has a large selection of yoga pants, capris, shorts, leggings, and tanks. (A beginning yogi can usually suffice with some comfy sweat material pants for the time being.)

Step 4:
Yogis need models. Someone new to yoga needs to see the poses being modeled for them by a real person. At you can purchase the DVD titled AM PM Yoga for Beginners for $14.99. The AM routines are designed to awaken the mind and body; whereas the PM routines are meant to help you release stress and get to sleep relaxed.

Step 5:
Resources are resourceful. Yoga beginners can benefit from a book as a guide. At you can purchase the book 28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan by Richard Hittleman for only $14.00. The 28 day guide boasts that beginners can spend a half hour a day learning the practice, but claims that it’s also good for those returning to the practice. The book design was well thought out, as it even lays flat for use while practicing.

Step 6:
Music is a must. At you can purchase the Yoga Motions White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 4 CD for $16.98. This CD features selections by various artists; the website says the selections were chosen by Lauren Peterson, who is a nationally recognized yoga practitioner whose client base includes many entertainers and athletes.

Step 7:
Set the mood with incense. Some people who practice yoga like to burn incense while they are practicing. A nice gift for a beginning yogi can be found at The Puja Buddha Tibetan Incense Travel Altar Box Set is $36.00 and was made in Nepal. It includes a 3” herbal Buddha statue, totala seeds, sandalwood resin incense, a hand-glazed terracotta leaf burner and a story card.

If your gift recipient wishes to wrap their mind and body around the practice of yoga, you won’t go wrong by purchasing the gifts above for him or her. The beginning yogi will surely catch the yoga bug, and in no time you’ll find yourself shopping for gifts for the advanced yogi.


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